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Give Your Nails a Boost

Our Nail Reinforcement treatments are designed to provide the necessary nutrients and support your nails need to grow strong and healthy. Our experienced estheticians use only the highest quality products to provide a range of treatments, including nail wraps, gel overlays, and strengthening polishes. These treatments are not only effective, but also gentle on your nails, ensuring that they stay healthy and strong for the long term.


A spa nail treatment we use to increase the thickness , fullness, anti-warping, maintain color and prevent cracking on a nail surface.

Nail Fix – We fix nails that are lifted, gel/ regular  reapplication

Express Nails Gel/ Regular Polish – We do a full nail tip applied with glue, to adhere the nail to the nail bed. The nails come in all shapes and sizes, and can be bought in these shapes, including, coffin, round, stiletto, square, long and short.Then apply gel or regular nail polish of your choice.

Overlay/ Overlay Coloured – We do a coating of a very thin layer of acrylic powder applied on top of a natural nail without the need to extend. The powder comes in Natural color or coloured.

Infill Overlay/ Acrylics – Infills are when the natural part of your nail starts to show at the bottom of your artificial nail we  have that part filled in with the acrylic or gel powder instead of having all your nails taken off and re-done.

Acrylics( Short /Medium//Long) –We use false nail tips glued to your natural nails, composed of polymer powder and liquid monomers when the two ingredients are mixed together, they create a putty-like consistency that’s molded to the nail to create a thick, durable coating over both your natural nail and the nail extension that has been applied.

Sculpting (Short /Medium/Long)- We use  a sticky paper foil form  attached to your nail  to create Acrylic or Gel nails, built to match the shape of your own natural nails.

Soak Off

Gel Soak Off

Acrylic Soak off


Nail Art

At Skinsational Wellness Spa, we know that nail art is more than just a trend – it’s a form of self-expression. That’s why we offer a range of Nail Art services to help you express your individuality and showcase your style. Our experienced nail technicians are trained in the latest nail art techniques and trends, and use only the highest quality products to create stunning designs that are sure to turn heads.

We use creative ways to decorate , paint ,enhance  and embellish nails as follows;

  • Nail Design
  • Cut out design/ Chrome
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