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What is Skin Analysis/ consultation?

Before undertaking new skincare routine or treatments it is important to have a consultation and skin analysis with a professional skin specialist so that the correct treatment plan can be personalized and tailored for your skin type, concerns and goals.

I am passionate about offering professional, expert advice and support on how you can improve your skin and body concerns to boost your confidence. By recommending a tailored home-care routine and in-clinic treatment plan that are suitable for your skin type, condition, age, lifestyle and importantly will get you results.  My goal is to demonstrate how skin health can be achieved through exceptional skincare, advanced technology and healthy living. I want to inspire you to look great and feel amazing in your own skin.

It is a skin journey, it is not about selling products or treatments, I provide a 360 approach to skin health and deliver this through a personalized and individual treatment plan for each client.  No two skins are the same, nor their condition, lifestyle and budget – I work with each client to understand their skin concerns, needs and goals so that I can recommend a suitable skincare plan.

I offer continued support through your skin journey, with regular follow-ups post treatment and product purchase to check your skin progress, obtain your feedback and provide additional advice if required. 

I certainly do not want anyone to buy skincare products from me that just sit on the bathroom shelf – I want you to get the best results for your skin and for you to use the products effectively to maximize your time and money invested.

Now that you have done a proper skin analysis, the next step will be skincare treatment and homecare products.

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